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Hi ! I am

Daniyal M

and I love to solve problems through data and products.

Problems + Data + Product
= Solutions

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Who is Daniyal ?

Daniyal is a Civil Engineering Graduate with a Master’s desgree in Engineering Management and Post-Graduate Certification in Data Analytics and Data Science.

He started his career by managing the deployments of Cloud Based Construction Management software PROCORE in 2011, spending 7 years with the sole licensed solution provided for PROCORE in Pakistan, he startred his journey with one of the largest FMCGs in Pakistan under Supply Chain domain managing the capital projects.

He got his first taste of start up world in 2020 first as a National Expansion Manager and later as Platform Fraud Manager for the biggest Q-Commerce start up at that time in Pakistan.

From their he transitioned to a fintech BNPL managing their BI and Analytics pipeline as well as Fraud Analylitics division.

Currently he is associated with the largest E-Commerce player in South Asia leading their Anti-Fraud Dept. for Pakistan building scalable anti-fraud product solutions.

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Daniyal possesses a unique set of skills that sets him apart from others. He has expertise in a variety of areas including:

Peoples skills: Daniyal has excellent stakeholder management skills and can easily understand end user requirements. He is also skilled in analyzing customer feedback and conducting effective A/B testing, ensuring that products and services meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Data skills: With his experience in data analytics, visualization, pipeline development, and implementation of AI and ML technologies, Daniyal is able to draw insights from data and use them to make informed decisions. He is always looking for ways to optimize products and services and achieve the best possible results.

Product skills: Daniyal is highly skilled in product design, prototyping, and product management. He is passionate about delivering high-quality products that exceed customer expectations and is always striving for excellence.

With his diverse skillset, Daniyal is able to provide comprehensive solutions that deliver real value . Whether you need help with stakeholder management, data analytics, or product design, Daniyal has the expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

Tech Stack

Data Pipelines: AWS(EC2), AWS RDS, Talend, Python, Azure Cloud, Alibaba Cloud (MaxCompure), Postgres, MySQL.

Data Analytics: SQL, Python, Excel, Alibaba Data Studio, Google Biq Qurey, Azure Data Studio.

Data Visualization: Python, Metabase, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Alibaba FBI.

AI/ML: Python, Alibaba PAI, Open AI APIs

Product: JIRA, Confluence, Figma, Photoshop

Planning: JIRA, MS Project

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daniyalm        @itsdaniyalm

Open Source Project

I have solely developed piesparrow is Python library which delivers web native dashboards and frontend solutions out of the box.

It is built on top of Billboar.JS which is a robust javascript charting library while harnessing the power of custom built light weight CSS framework sparrow.css and data processing capabilities of Pandas.

It acheived 3000+ downloads within 6 weeks of launch

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